Our Plan

Focused on the Issues that Matter

Stopping Obamacare

Extreme liberals in Richmond are focused on raiding education and transportation funds to expand Obamacare in Virginia.  Ron will oppose all of these efforts to expand a troubled and inefficient medical system, and he believes that we should not make our children and roads suffer just to expand a liberal political talking point.

Oppose the “Washington Way”

Politicians in Washington have served as an example for how NOT to lead.  The “Washington Way” has led to bickering, divisiveness, Sequestration, a government shutdown, a downgraded credit rating, and many other problems.  Ron agrees with the “Virginia Way” of politics – balanced budgets, low taxes, responsible governing, and respect for your neighbors.  Ron will disavow all Washington politics.

Lower Taxes = More $$ For You

It’s as simple as this – lower taxes mean more money in your pocket.  Ron believes that lower taxes will stimulate the economy, will help families recover from the economic downturn, and will maximize your liberty.  The less money that government takes from you, the more money that you have to spend or save as you wish.

Growing the New Economy

Ron believes that NOVA can be the national leader in emerging technologies.  Ron will lead the fight to expand opportunities for local businesses to compete in technology and medical fields.  These are high-paying jobs that can be created right here in NOVA, if we have a leader like Ron Meyer leading the charge.

Education Reform

There’s nothing more important that we can do to protect the future of our area than to provide a quality education for our children.  Ron believes that we need to empower parents, not bureaucrats, to make education decisions. Ron wants to expand school choice options, reform SOL’s, and ensure that more money gets spent directly in the classroom.  Education is important; it’s for the children; it’s for the future.